Back to the Bronze Age with par-avion co.

We are quite excited that our bog oak pi stools have finally started production. Bog oak is a very interesting timber and is actually oak trees that died and fell into peat bogs (marsh)around  5000 years ago. The peaty water and lack of oxygen preserves the timber and turns it a wonderful dark brown to black colour. It is also very hard and heavy.

The bog oak we use is extracted from fenland not far from here and is usually pulled out of the ground by farmers, frequently when they hit the hidden trees when ploughing. In years past it was generally burned but now there is a demand for this wonderful resource and the timberyard we work with is able to source some really good quality logs.

These trees were alive around the start of the bronze age when many people here in Britain were probably still using stone tools. We get a direct link back to these ancient times when we handle and work with the bog oak, a real sense of who we are and where we came from.