Our first collaborative series with Studio Logan Howes - HORIZON MOBILES, is a series of 'zero waste' hanging mobiles.

Utilising reworked wood offcuts from our pi collection these one of a kind sculptural mobiles have been developed to show an intriguing balance and tension in 'the hang' of each unique mobile. The premise for each piece is evocative of the Norfolk landscape, are purposefully minimal and reflect on moments of solitude in huge environments. The hand carved wooden figures stand pensive at the vanishing points of their mobile landscapes. Purposefully looking out over the environment they are hung in, as well as from their own oak peninsulas and spits.

About this piece: Sol is a solitary figure carved from British sycamore, standing pensively atop an oak horizon that stretches out into the distance.

Materials: 3mm brass ring, FSC British  oak, FSC British sycamore, fishing line

Dimensions: 43 L x 14 H x 3 D cm

Studio Logan Howes is a collaboration between artists Florence Logan and Ruth Howes.

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