Friday 17 March

7:30pm-9:30pm at 80 Connaught Road

Papaya Verte is run by self-trained chef Jaki Clibbon, an orphan of Vietnam who grew up in Melbourne, Australia and is rediscovering traditional Vietnamese flavours through travel, friendship and a little bit of trial-and-error.

This will be a small, family-style supper club with large sharing platters of freshly prepared food brought to the table in 3 courses.  Each individual will be provided with their own table setting and utensils, plenty of fresh herbs, pickles and dipping sauces. Please BYO laughter and stories to tell.  This meal will be offered in both a meat/seafood option and a vegetarian option (or both if you like!) and is the chef's personal representation of a home style Vietnamese meal.

3 course meal*:

- Starter - Saigon lap Cheong jicama fresh rice paper rolls -or- Kohlrabi, tofu & mung bean fried spring rolls

- Main - Thit Kho - braised pork in coconut juice with quails eggs and side of fried white bait -or- Tofu & Shiitake mushroom Kho in coconut juice with morning glory and side of tomato tofu

- Traditional Vietnamese Pudding - TBD

Hot or cold drinks will be available to order at an extra charge from the fully licensed Connaught Kitchen bar.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cater for individual dietary needs such as allergies, gluten-free options or vegan-options.  Where possible, we have tried to provide both a meat/seafood option as well as a vegetarian option, but traces of gluten, egg, milk, nuts and other major allergens may be present.  Please contact us to request a full ingredient list if you are uncertain about our offerings.

*Menu subject to change, but full menu/ingredients can be provided prior to the date of the event if desired.

A list of allergens will be provided for all recipes, but please note any minor food allergies (including nuts, shellfish, wheat, gluten, soy and legumes) at the time of booking.

 Price includes VAT.