pi Stool (US)



Clear-finished white oak frame.
Woven Danish cord seat.
Dimensions approximately 24”L x 18”W x 18”H.

We at par-avion co. do our best to reduce our carbon footprint where we can. We avoid shipping worldwide by collaborating with like minded local craftspeople to make our products for local distribution. Our pi stools made in the USA by Sidecar Furniture differ slightly to those made by our UK maker because of their differing methods and techniques. This is part of our process to allow those people we work with to have some input into the process rather than just make clones of our original product.
The stools made in the USA are not available outside the USA. Likewise those made in the UK/EU are not available elsewhere in the world. This is due to our desire to limit our carbon footprint caused by shipping long distances. If you really want to buy one of our products but are outside the UK/EU or the USA please contact us and we will give you a shipping estimate utilising a carbon offset shipping tariff.

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Dimensions 600 × 380 × 443 mm
Pi stool timber

Bog oak, Fumed oak, Oak

Pi stool seat

Black Danish Chord, Natural Danish Chord