Sustainability Partners

Blue Patch

Blue Patch are a sustainable business directory helping the consumer find British and Irish-made goods and services from businesses that meet strict environmental and sustainable criteria.

Groundwork Gallery

Groundwork Gallery is a King’s Lynn-based art gallery dedicated to the environment. It is a space for artists and educators who care about how we see the world.


RE-PEAT is a youth-led collective dedicated to educating farmers and the general public about the peat paradigm shift. Peatlands, which make up only 3% of the world’s land surface, are acidic bogs which store more than twice the carbon as all the forests and are the largest terrestrial carbon store on Earth. Read more here:

Ghost Fishing UK

Ghost Fishing UK is a registered charity and collective of divers across the UK who are dedicated to cleaning up the waters around our island of non-recylable and non-biodegradable “ghost gear” or lost fishing nets and equipment. We are partnering with Ghost Fishing UK on raising awareness of the work they do to keep our sealife safe through a unique collaboration. Watch this space to find out more!

Alderfen Marshes

Alderfen Marshes is a 10-acre SSSI conservation site located in Surlingham, Norfolk and run by Steve and Mary. A natural, tidal wetland, the site is sustainably maintained using permaculture principles, whereby nothing is wasted and everything is reused. We teach our spoon carving workshops on this beautiful site, which is also an off-grid wild camping idyll in the summer months.

Plastic Free Pledge

The Plastic Free Pledge is a commitment from individuals and businesses to eliminate single-use plastics from their daily habits or production. We have collaborated on many projects with the Plastic Free Pledge, including most recently the Woven Waste project for London Craft Week 2019 where we repurposed non-recyclable waste from the Battersea Power Station construction site into benches and other furniture.

You can pledge your support to their cause here: