A photo of two pi stools in Catton Park. One, in natural oak standing in high grass, the other in ebonised oak, standing on a tree trunk.

Local Environment

All woods used in the production of our timber products are sourced from small, local timber yards.  This is to minimise our carbon footprint and maintain our commitment to our environmental standards.  

If you are an individual or company interested in purchasing a stool in North America, please contact our U.S. agents Maison Blue Design. If you are outside of Europe or North America and are interested in purchasing or stocking our products, please contact us directly for further information.

Carbon Neutrality & Offsetting

While simple enough to pay into a Carbon Offsetting scheme to balance our carbon footprint, we don’t feel that this is enough. This is why we have signed the SME Climate Commitment pledging to reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040 as a company and as individuals.

Material Provenance & Local Resources

United Kingdom/Europe

Our frames use 100% FSC European and British timber and are hand made at our workshop in Norfolk, England. We also work with local craftsmen and woodturners for our machining and turned products. We seal the wood products with an environmentally-friendly hand rubbed finish called Osmo Oil™.

Our seats are woven either with carefully selected Danish paper cord by traditional weavers in Eastern England or handmade split willow skein using white willow from Somerset, made and woven by us in our Norfolk workshop.

All of our ceramic products are made exclusively for par-avion co. by Norfolk potter Pat Southwood using Vulcan™ black clay and are glazed with silt from the Norfolk broads.

North America

Our frames use 100% FSC timber from Oregon and are made by a local craftsman in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. He is also responsible for weaving the seats in the highest quality Danish cord using a no-nails technique.

Danish Cord from Randers Reb

Our natural and black Danish Cord is produced by Randers Reb in Denmark. ⁠

Danish Cord is sustainable, durable and lasts up to 60 years, getting gradually more beautiful in use. It is both strong and comfortable to sit on, which makes it an ideal material for our pi stools. ⁠

Danish Cord is made of paper from FSC certified forests, which means that forestry there is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner, meeting the high standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Willow from Musgrove Willows

Our white willow comes from Musgrove Willows in Somerset, England. The willow is harvested once a year every May/June.

Once we have a new supply of willow, we split it ourselves to make willow skein which we weave into seats for pi stools, the base for tau trays and more.

Timber from Frank A Aldridge & Sons

We get our timber from family run business Aldridge & Sons in Snetterton, just over 20 miles from our base in Norwich.

Having started out 40 years ago, today three generations work together offering services from milling and timber collections to tree surgery and arboriculture.

Bog Oak from English Hardwoods

Our bog oak has been supplied by Nigel Fleckney from English Hardwoods, based in Northampton, England.

This wood comes from the great carbon-capturing peat bogs of the Cambridgeshire Fens, only 60 miles from our workshop in Norfolk.

Sustainability Partners