What’s in a name: par-avion co.

par-avion co. is not a retro company but the name does refer to a time when the luxuries we have were appreciated for what they still are. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing and shipping locally where we can. We try to use renewable materials in a sustainable fashion. Our aim is to provide well designed, good quality items that are intended to last and transcend fashion trends.

Our lives in the developed countries are filled with luxuries, many of which we take for granted or even deride. Not so long ago air travel was seen as the miraculous luxury that it actually still is. A great many people take this so much for granted that air travel is now seen as something to be endured rather than marvelled at.

Tuna fish was once a delicacy, now it has become a default cheap protein source, with disastrous results for the tuna and many other marine creatures due to commercial over fishing.

Our lifestyle in the developed countries is a direct result of our education systems. Education is a legal obligation for parents and our governments alike.  For many people in developing countries education is a luxury not a right, especially for girls. We support the charity Room to Read in their efforts to redress this by donating a percentage of our profits.