Photo close up of two par-avion co lo-pi bar stools next to each other. Both stools made from ebonised oak and natural Danish Cord.

par-avion co. is a design partnership founded by Simon and Monica Cass in 2013.

Our backgrounds in furniture making and architecture provide the backbone of our designs, which combine traditional craft and modern styling to create unique pieces.

Photo of Monica and Simon standing next to each other, looking into the camera.
Photo of a natural oak and natural Danish Cord par-avion co. pi stool next to a sofa, a stack of books placed on the stool.
Photo of a par-avion co. Tau Tray made from fumed oak and skeined willow. A loaf of bread sits on top of the tray, while two hands are just about to take away a slice of bread on a little ceramic plate.
Photo of Simon Cass in the process of assembling the par-avion co. M table.
Photo of a hand skeining willow with a shave, the shaved willow curling at one end.
Photo of Simon Cass in the workshop, handling timber for a new project.

par-avion is an environmentally conscious design partnership mixing traditional craft & modern styling.

We are dedicated to preserving the environment. We use natural and renewable materials which are carefully & locally sourced to minimise our carbon footprint and maintain our commitment to our environmental standards. Our products are made using FSC British hardwoods and environmentally friendly seat materials such as rush, Danish paper cord, and handmade willow skein. 

Central to our product manufacturing is the connection to local craftspeople and materials. We work with East Anglian weavers using split-willow skein, danish cord and rush weaving techniques and champion these traditional craft skills through our designs and business platform. 

When working on and developing our products, we are constantly inspired by traditional crafts. These natural materials and methods of making stand the test of time, they have been proven and tested for strength and durability and provide a distinct aesthetic quality from which we draw inspiration from. They also provide a basis from which to explore innovative design solutions to waste and sustainability, an issue that is core to our business ethos. 

Through utilising traditional craft techniques in modern designs that are in production, we aim to provide a contemporary example of these skills, resulting in them remaining relevant to current tastes and style.