Makers & Suppliers

U.K. Makers

Stool Frames: Simon Cass – par-avion co.

Stool Seats: Ken Trayler (+44 7787 984637) & Monica Cass – par-avion co.

Rush Mats: Rushmatters

Woodturning: Nigel Hall Woodturning

U.S.A. Makers

Stool Frames and Seats: David Johnson - Sidecar Furniture

Sales Agents: Emily Turner and Della Hayden - Maison Blue Design



Danish cord - par-avion co.

Danish Cord from Randers Reb

Our natural and black Danish Cord is produced by Randers Reb in Denmark. Danish Cord is a 3-ply twisted paper cord made from FSC certified forests. Danish Cord is sustainable, durable and lasts up to 60 years, getting gradually more beautiful in use. ⁠


par-avion co - willowStripped White Willow (from Black Maul Willow)

Our white willow comes from sustainable willow farms in Somerset, England. The willow is harvested once per year in May/June. We split and shave the willow ourselves to make willow skein, which is woven into seats for our pi stools and the bases for our tau trays.


par-avion co - timber

Timber from East Anglia

We get our timber from family run yards within 50 miles of our Norwich workshop. All timber we use is FSC certified and locally felled within a 60-mile radius. This usually consists of individual trees rather than farmed wood, giving each board a unique character.