M table

'M' is an abbreviation of the old Norse name for the sacred Ash tree that holds up the world; Mimameidr, also known as Yggdrasil the tree of life.
Our Ash trees here in England are afflicted by a disease, Ash Dieback and many are already dead, many more get felled to try to contain the disease. This new series of tables celebrates our ash trees and perpetuates their ancient place in our culture.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that the Ash timber we use is actually from a tree felled because of the die back, we are assured by our supplier that due to the amount of Ash being felled to contain the disease that permits are very unlikely to be issued to fell healthy trees. Therefore the vast majority available to us is due to the disease.

The general design of the table is of a traditional trestle table, more specifically influenced by Shaker aesthetics. Details are inspired by the great Japanese American maker George Nakashima. The butterflies or bow ties in the top refer to their work more directly. It is held together with four ash pegs and two wedges in fumed oak and can be taken apart and put back together with minimal tools, for ease of storage and assembly.

The wide boards that form the top have "repairs" from small patches of timber similar in colour and tone to the Ash, usually spalted sycamore. These cover knots, and cracks whilst at the same time they reference repairs that are seen on antique tables.

These are influenced in their decorative style by Japanese boro textile repairs and symbolise use, repair and repair again as opposed to simply disposing of the table and replacing it with a new one once it shows signs of use. The bases are made from straight grain Ash.

Dimensions: Approximately 1900 L x 900 W x 760 H mm - Please note that the exact size of the table top is dependant on the boards used and the location of knots.

Current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

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