Original design by Ruth Howes, a papercutting artist from Norwich, UK.

Fine art giclee print on phNeutral, acid free, cotton rag (300gsm) of 9 house plants (top left by line) Monkey Leaf Monstera (Monstera Adansonii), Tradescantia, ZZ plant (Zamioculca Zamiifolia), Ruffled Fan Palm (Licuala Grandis), Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides), Purple Shamrock (Oxalis Triangularis), Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata), Umbrella plant (Schefflera), Fern Leaf Cactus (Selenicereus Chrysocardium)

Unframed sizes available: 420mm x 420mm or 590mm x 590mm

This print is taken from original, hand cut, paper cut artwork. 

Enjoy houseplants without the fear of having to keep them alive!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Available unframed, with an FSC British oak hanging poster frame; or with an FSC British hardwood 4-sided frame with glass and acid-free recycled mount board, cut to size.

Unframed prints are in stock and ready to ship.  Hanging poster and full frame options are made to order and will incur the following lead times:

The oak hanging poster option has a 2-day lead time to ship.

The full hardwood frame with acid-free mount has a 1 week lead time to ship.